FAQ/Contact Us

Q: How do I join OAOHN?

A:  We want you to be an active member of the OAOHN!  As of February 2019, members can choose to be a member of National AAOHN and select as many local chapters throughout the US to be a part of OR they can choose to ONLY be a Member of the local chapters!

Click here to be a member of AAOHN & Local Chapters


Q: How do I find a mentor?

A: Go to the Board of Directors section of our website.


Q: How do I become an exhibitor/vendor for a conference?

A: Contact our exhibit chairperson at oaohninfo@gmail.com


Q: How do I offer a service or speak for conferences?

A: Contact our Conference Chair at oaohninfo@gmail.com.



Reach out to us at oaohninfo@gmail.com


call us at 614-226-4206.